Together, we bring sustainability to our Universities.
Together, we educate and inspire for sustainability.
Together, we contribute to a world with a future for all.

We are the international network for student led Sustainability Weeks at higher education institutions. We help you to get started with your own Sustainability Week and connect you with people all over the world. Our vision is to bring sustainability into all aspects of higher education institutions globally and support them to become sustainability role models for our society overall.

Currently, we support local teams in over ten countries all over the world. Let’s make a change together and enable these students to raise awareness and demand institutional changes with interesting events at their Sustainability Weeks. Your contribution to our campaign in the support section will empower students all over the world!


The current society is living on the costs of future generations. Problems such as environmental pollution and climate change are getting visible and their impact on our lives increase. It is definitely time for a change and young people have to drive it to save their own future.
A major raise in awareness of young people to a more sustainable lifestyle can be done during higher education. This is where the concept of a sustainability week comes into action: A group of voluntary students organises a week full of interesting events and activities in order to raise awareness of students, university employees and even broad public for sustainability. All week organisers have to obey a code of conduct including guidelines for a fair, responsible and sustainable organisation. All events must be free of charge for visitors and should be open to interested public as well.


The concept of a sustainability week at higher education institutions (HEIs) is already well established. The origin of this concept lies in Zurich, Switzerland. Student of the university of Zurich and ETH Zurich organised the first sustainability week in 2013. The week grew during the following years and included other HEIs in Zurich. In 2017, a team of previous organisers from Zurich formed the SWS – Sustainability Week Switzerland, dedicated to spread the concept of a sustainability week among all HEIs in Switzerland. Their engagement was successful and in 2018 sustainability weeks took place in 12 cities including several HEIs all over Switzerland. With over 250 events and thousands of visitors, the Sustainability Week Switzerland became the biggest student-led movement in the field of sustainability in Switzerland. In 2019 the success continued: 27 Universities were involved in one of the sustainability weeks which took place in 14 Swiss cities. More than 300 voluntary students organized hundreds of events. Some weeks organized events in partnership with local companies and governments and also addressed them to the public.


SWI is the international body connecting all LSWs (Local Sustainability Weeks). In the beginning, SWI will be in direct contact with the LSW core team. If three ore more LSWs formed within a country, SWI will connect and support them to form an NSW (National Sustainability Week). Core team members of an NSW should have experience with organising an LSW previously.


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