We are all working voluntary for Sustainability Week International, so do the National and Local Sustainability Week members. Nevertheless, we need financial support for infrastructure, communication, marketing and other stuff.

We offer different options for sponsors and fundraisers:

Private sponsor of SWI

We are happy to recieve any amount of money! In case you sponsor 200.- CHF or more, we will list you as a private sponsor on our website (private person only).
Please, indicate your email adress in the subject of the transfer action that we can send you a reciept. Also, add “anonymous” in case you prefer to not be listed on our website. Note: In order to keep administrational effort low, receipts will be sent starting from 100.- CHF sponsoring.

You can find our bank details here.

Sponsorship of an LSW 5’000.- CHF

With a sponsoring of 5’000.- CHF you will become a sustainable godparent for a Local Sustainability Week for three years. You will be listed on our website as the sponsor of a particular LSW and you will recieve the report written by the local team about their week.
Please, contact us in advance if you are interested into the sponsorship of an LSW. This option is open to companies, NGOs and other associations as well.

Long term fundraising and partnership

If your organisation is interested in a long term partnership, please, get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide more detailled information about our long term planning.