We are all working voluntary for Sustainability Week International, so do the National and Local Sustainability Week members. Nevertheless, we need financial support for infrastructure, communication, marketing and other stuff.


We offer different options for sponsors and fundraisers:

50.-Funding of a small LSW event
100.-Funding of a medium LSW event
200.-Funding of a big LSW event
500.-Funding of a major event (e.g. exhibition, tree planting)
2’000.-Funding of a regular LSW
5’000.-Funding of a major LSW (big city / capitol, incl. several HEIs)
20’000.-Funding of an NSW (National Sustainability Week)
100’000.-Global support of Sustainability Week International

The prices are understood to be in CHF, USD or EUR, as the values of the currencies are similar.


The sponsors, private or institutional, can recieve some service in exchange:

Supporter certificate
Supporter certificate + Listed on the website
Listed on the website + recieve a postcard from the LSW
Listed on the website + recieve a short video message from the LSW
Named at a main event + recieve the report about the LSW
Logo placed on marketing material + recieve the report about the LSW
Logo places as a sponsor of an NSW (online and on marketing material)
+ named at the opening ceremony / a major event of the NSW
Official global sponsor of Sustainability Week International

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