LSW Advisors are supporting and guiding specific LSWs during organisation of their Sustainability Week and assure the communication with the respective leaders. All advisors have at least two years of experience in organizing an LSW by themselves.


Patrick Senn

Lead LSWs / NSWs Department
LSW Advisor for Liberia, Kazakhstan, Germany, China and Nigeria

“The motivation to set up SWI came during the semester abroad at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan in autumn 2018. Together with the board of NU Green Society, I established a concept and a budget plan for the LSW there. At the beginning of April 2019, a remarkable LSW took place at Nazarbayev University with almost 1,000 visitors. Working with about 40 members of the NU Green Society in a completely different environment and culture inspired me to build up SWI and bring such success to other parts of the world.”


Sandra Brunke

Lead Secretary Department
LSW Advisor for Togo

“Already before my time as a student (first environmental engineering, now landscape architecture) sustainability was an important topic in my life. After two successful LSWs in Rapperswil and a lot of experience, I had the opportunity to deepen my commitment to sustainability on an international level. With the SWI I would like to bring the topic of sustainability further to the public and show people that sustainability can also be fun and does not only mean renunciation.”


Fabio Lichtensteiger

Lead Finances Department
LSW Advisor for Nepal, Tanzania, The Gambia and Pakistan

“In my work as an engineer at the Institute for Solar Technology, I see that in addition to technical approaches, other solutions are needed to limit climate change. During the two LSW’s in Rapperswil I was able to gain a lot of new experiences and motivated different people to more sustainability. I want encourage people in other countries to rethink because climate change as a global problem cannot be solved by Switzerland alone. “

LSW Advisor

Diana Khussainova

LSW Advisor for Ghana and Rwanda

Leading core team member of Green Week (former LSW Nur-Sultan)
Former president of NU Green society, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan