You want to start your own Local Sustainability Week (LSW) at your higher education instution?

Registration deadline for LSWs planned in Spring: 01. October (previous year)
Registration deadline for LSWs planned in Fall: 01. April (same year)
The deadline is related to the registration confirmation by SWI

Just follow these easy steps to get started and we will support you on your way:

  1. Build up your team (at least 3 students).
  2. Contact us via our Contact form and tell us why you wanna join our movement (3-4 sentences only).
  3. Download our documents and carefully read them.
  4. Register your LSW with the necessary documents according to our checklist:
    • Code of Conduct signed by all LSW team members
    • Financial Guideline signed by the treasurer of your LSW team
    • List of your core team members including main contact person for SWI
    • A photo of your team for social media
  5. We will check your registration and confirm it – you are an official LSW now!
  6. We will support you with the preparation and organisation of your LSW.

All LSWs should take place in March, April, September or October. Within that time range, you are free to choose the date of your LSW (usually Monday to Friday / Saturday / Sunday). We will support you to organise several events during your LSW (at least three are required).

How to start your own LSW (Introduction Video)

What is an LSW?

An LSW (Local Sustainability Week) consists of at least three events during a week dedicated to raise awareness for sustainability at your higher education institution and public. It is completely up to you what kind of event you want to organise: a speech, a panel discussion, a movie screening, a zero-waste workshop, a bycicle excursion, a cloth swap or any other event related to sustainability. The week is also a good opportunity to place demands to the management of your higher education institution.

An LSW is organised by (at least three) students from one or several higher education institutions within the same city. As the LSWs are organised and divided by cities, they are also named by the respective city, e.g. the LSW in Zurich is called Sustainability Week Zurich or the same name in the local language(s). We provide the logos (in all requested languages) for registered LSWs.

Why should I organize it?

There are several benefits of actively organize a Sustainability Week. It gives you the opportunity to train soft skills such as team leading, team work, management, organization and communication which your higher education institution can’t teach you. By including the management, external partners and fundraisers into your Sustainability Week you also improve your network. Furthermore, you can create an impact for sustainable development in your community. Your voluntary work shows your future employer that you are an initiative and active personality. Last but not least, it is inspiring to get in contact and work together with people all over the world.

After organising at least one LSW, you will be able to join the NSW (National Sustainability Week) in your country and help others to build up their own LSW.

You have further Questions?

Contact us via our contact form or on social media.