We provide a bunch of documents that will help you to start a Sustainability Week at your higher education institution. The documents are published in a Google Drive folder to easily exchange them with the newest version.

Folder with documents

In the folder you will find the following folders, documents and a checklist:

LSW Registration

  • Code of Conduct – principles, rules and recommendations
  • Financial Guidelines – all about the handling of money
  • Team list – template for listing your team members

LSW Preparation

  • Guidelines for a new LSW – How to organise LSW
  • Event catalogue – overview of common event types and examples
  • Budget – template to establish the financial budget for your LSW

Information about SWI

  • Concept – concept of SWI
  • Onepager – short introduction of SWI
  • Presentation – presentation about SWI
  • Constitution (English translation) – legal base of the association